Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

ARK – ‘Over And Over’

English singer-songwriter, ARK writes music inspired by love, heartache and her time spent in London. The artist’s latest single, ‘Over and Over,’ highlights her careful songwriting and approach to pinnacle moments with flair and confidence. ‘Over and Over’ features ARK’s powerful falsetto atop a rich and steady musical backdrop.

Loveday – ‘Close’ (Initial Talk Remix)

17-year-old singer and producer, Loveday brings with her a lo-fi, electro-pop sound that is influenced by the honest day-to-day life experiences of a girl her age. Following the release of her debut single,‘Close,’ Loveday has recently released the Initial Talk remix of her track featuring a fun electronic soundscape and an exciting bass beat.

Barry Locke – ‘I Know The Boy Who Cried Wolf’

London based singer-songwriter, Barry Locke's upcoming album is essentially an autobiographical concept album. The artist’s work has always looked inward to explore themes and narratives from his own experience that are easily understood. Barry Locke’s latest release, 'I Knew The Boy Who Cried Wolf' comes as a more upbeat track than his previous songs, and his lyrical content is fitting for thr track’s colourful and powerful instrumental.

Alfie Indra - ‘Cool People’

21 year old singer-songwriter, Alfie Indra has always poured his heart into writing music with meaningful lyricism. With his songs stemming from personal experiences throughout his life, Alfie’s newest release, 'Cool People' is an upbeat dreamy indie-pop track that puts his revitalising new sound to the test. Behind reflective lyrics, a beat floats in a cool atmosphere with pitched vocal hooks, patterned drum rhythms and delay-coated guitars.

Levin – ‘Runaways’

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Leven Deger delivers with a musical prowess. The experienced musician recently released his new single, ‘Runaways’ which incorporates a nice blend of acoustic and electronic instrumentals.

Craig Stuart - ‘Like A Rocket’

Modern-day troubadour, Craig Stuart makes his debut as a solo artist with the release of his first single, ‘Like A Rocket’ ahead of his forthcoming EP. Craig Stuart’s clean and sweetly delicate vocals shine over a concoction of guitar and piano melodies paired with synthesizer harmonies in his single debut.

Bossy Love - ‘Talk To Me’

Glaswegian enigmatic pop duo comprised of singer Amandah Wilkinson (formally Operator Please) and John Ballie Jnr (former Dananananaykroyd lead) have rapidly been making a name for themselves with their passionate music and live performances. ‘Talk To Me’ serves up attitude, funk and fun over an infectious beat.

Peter Fenn - ‘Most Days’

California native Peter Fenn radiates his skill as both a producer and songwriter by crafting a timeless yet well crafted vintage sound, with honest and authentic themes addressed in his lyrics. ‘Most Days’ lays these lyrics over a down tempo R&B track with tuneful ease and suaveness.

Effee - ‘You & I’

Having spent years in the background as part of other artistic projects like the Ohio based indie-pop group Kid Runner, Effee is effortless transitioning into the fore with her solo project. ‘You & I’
is a blissful synth pop ballad that builds a lush sonic wilderness, complimenting Effee’s sentimental vocals with pulsating rhythmic harmony.

Honeycraft - ‘Rainbow’s End’

Los Angeles based Honeycraft has been making waves in 2018 with her sweet take on disco pop, with flavours 70s funk and dreamy 90s shoegaze. Her voice really shines on ‘Rainbow’s End’, with her harmony being the perfect accompaniment to a shimmering electronic instrumental.