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Georgia Meek - "Bare”

Georgia Meek beholds the wisdom and life experience of an artist far beyond her young age. Despite being just 23, the sophisticated young U.K. based singer-songwriter uses her undeniably well-honed craft to raise awareness around issues troubling many young women. Georgia Meek pours her heart out in her latest single, 'Bare' with heavy lyrics and an assortment of deep electronic and alternative pop beats. 'Bare' takes the listener on a spiraling whirlwind of angst sand emotion with a beautiful yet misty-eyed soundscape of orchestral melodies.

Tom Pointer - "Nobody"

From professional rugby athlete to soulful pop artist, the U.K. based singer-songwriter, Tom Pointer prides himself on his live performances which feature his honest lyrics and vibrant pop melodies. Tom Pointer releases his second single, 'Nobody' following his 2017 debut. 'Nobody' features the singer's unique and addicting vocals sung over intricate and crisp guitar riffs, delicate piano melodies, jazzy drums and calming choral chants. Truly a hauntingly beautiful track, Tom Pointer's 'Nobody' is the perfect blend of chill vibes and groovy instrumentals with a chorus that you won't soon forget.

Rookes - "The Game and the River"

Rookes is an indie-pop artist and virtuoso one-woman show based in London, U.K. Her latest release, 'The Game and the River' is a pleasingly interesting pop track with electronic instrumentals and dazzling effects fused with jagged beats. Rooke's newest track opens with grace and beauty as the artist's clear vocals shine atop a cool guitar rhythm, but quickly picks up and transforms into a lively piece overtaken by quickly moving rhythms and melodies in her electronic instruments. 'The Game and the River' is both unique and infectious with a vibe that is easy to really get into.

Megan Lara Mae - "Caribou"

Following three previously released singles, Megan Lara Mae has just released her newest single and lead track, 'Caribou' ahead of her debut EP. A song that delivers an empowering message of overcoming and never giving up, 'Caribou' delivers electro-pop goodness. Megan Lara Mae's voice is phenomenal and dynamic, and her latest single highlights the artist's impressive range through ear-catching melodies.

Lenii - "Human"

Hailing from one of Ireland's most creative cities, Cork, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Lenii releases her latest track 'Human.' Her new single centers around the theme of communication and connectedness, and is delivered through the singer's unique vocals and electronic pop sounds made up of synthesizers and drum beats. Lenii's 'Human' is both extremely catchy and easy to listen to.