NYC based pop & roll trio Acting Natural are releasing their new video exclusively through Music News.

The trio, made up of Eric Carnevale (Lead Singer & Guitar), Hanes David Maney (Bass Guitar/Vocals) and Jesse Leonard (Drummer/Vocals), have spent 2017 making a lot of friends. They released their first, self-titled EP & gained the support of iHeartMedia. Kicking off with a 'LIVE SESSIONS' performance at the iHeartRadio HQ in NYC, to presenting at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, and then on to joining the "Jingle Ball" tour; performing and presenting across America.

The young trio, based out of New York City, each a multi-instrumentalist, started their journey together at the age of 13. They began writing & recording original material not long after; pulling together their collective love of classic rock & roll with a pop flair. Sat somewhere between The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys and The Beatles; the band have forged a musical backdrop, rich in melody, with lyrics steeped in experience, humility and maturity.

Carnevale had this to say on the band's approach to songwriting: "When writing, we always stay true to ourselves. It serves the music organically when it comes from the soul. Each one of us in the band has a somewhat different musical style, which makes for an interesting creative playing field both on and off the stage."

Currently back in the studio recording fresh material, one can expect 2018 to be a major year for the band. With new music, collaborations, and national tours all already on the slate.

See their luscious new video for "Nicole" right here:

The band also sat down with Music News for an exclusive chat about their new video and their plans for 2018 and beyond!

MN: Thanks for joining us guys! First question, who thought of the music video concept?
Eric Carnevale: Vocals/Guitars] We had been wanting to make a video for one of the tracks off the EP, and we had a small window of time before heading out to LA for a few weeks, where we were going to be super busy working on other projects for the group. So, I thought "Why don't we make a performance style video that really captures the essence of the track without having to do a major production that could take weeks to put together?"

MN: Who wrote the song?
EC: It was a group effort. It started off with Jesse (Leonard - Vocals/Drums) and I putting the structure and a few melodies together at home. Then while we were in the studio working on the rest of the EP, we re-called what we had started working on several months prior and we all finished the song during the recording process.

MN: Where was the video filmed?
EC: The video was filmed at a cool spot out in Patterson, New Jersey called the Art Factory. It's like 20,000 sq. ft. of factory on some beautiful property. We just walked the property for about an hour or so until we found the areas that had the right energy we felt for the video.

MN: How long did the process take to make the video?
EC: The process was fast. We did all the filming in a matter of six hours. Then we probably made about four edits to the first version and it was done!

MN: Where do you see yourselves in five years?
EC: In five years we hope to be making another video, but this time to a track on our fifth album! (laughs) I'd say by then we want to have established fans all over the world that we can continue making music for. We want to travel the world playing live and bringing our music to as many people as possible. One of the best parts of being an artist is the connection to the fans. It brings everyone together and without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

Acting Natural's self-titled EP is available now.