Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles and EP's from some of the best releases this week in indie-rock, R&B and soul.

Taliwhoah - Sweetest Escape

"Sweetest Escape", directed by Taliwhoah and Director 411, and shot by Global Before Local, captures the heat of summer in Barcelona - where it was filmed, with use of warm tones. In some scenes you can feel the heavy, humid air of a Spanish Summer on your body and cold tiled flooring under bare feet, while singer-songwriter Taliwoah showcases effortless style in eclectic outfits throughout.

Cape Cub - Come Around

Sure to make 2018 his own, North East singer-songwriter Cape Cub took short absence from music for a few years and came back with a refreshing and infectious new sound.

The man behind the project, Chad Male suggests its his most personal release to date, detailing human themes: growing up and moving on, fighting the loss of youthful optimism, pursuing long-term ambitions, all whilst trying to maintain vital friendships and family ties.

Emma McGrath - Love You Better

After a brief hiatus, 18 year old London-based artist Emma McGrath bounces back on the scene with the new single 'Love You Better', taken from her upcoming sophomore six-track EP 'Silent Minds'. Written with Grammy Award winning Jimmy Hogarth, 'Love You Better' is a bright pop track full of bubbly personality; noting atmospheric guitar riffs, soulful vocals and all-round infectious songwriting. Check out the carefree and lavish visuals here

Giant Rooks - New Estate

Hailing from Hamm in North West Germany, Giant Rooks are an art-pop five-piece whove been turning heads since their inception. Releasing their debut EP back in 2015, the quintet garnered fans quickly, and soon began to emerge as one of the most promising acts in their native Germany.

Their latest EP 'New Estate' is both delicate and expansive. Built around a perpetual feeling of forward motion, brought by the rolling duality of bass and drums, and decorated by deft guitar licks and subtle electronics. Elsewhere, 'Bright Lies' offers up a darker, more brooding side to the band that's rife with percussive nuance, allowing Frederik Rabe's effortless vocals to really soar.

Flood For The Famine - Nine in the Morning

'Nine In The Morning' marks the lead single of Flood for the Famine's self-produced EP, Waiting To Happen, which is to released in April.

The exciting single and video details a tale of an intoxicating, turbulent night on the tiles through a caustic blend of soul, blues & jazz, and street-wise lyrics.
Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Alex Linder sources a powerful soulfulness and well executed delivery of catchy songwriting and vocal work.