Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles from some of the best releases this week in indie-pop and R&B.

ROE - Wasted.Patient.Thinking

A songwriter at heart, with pop hooks surrounded by lush synths, big drum machines and her trusty Stratocaster, ROE has been captivating audiences around the world with her raw, emotional vocal performances. Telling slanted tales of the world around her, she writes songs that are striking in their honesty and hides them behind irresistibly unique melodies: effortlessly weaving style with substance.

Hider - Don't Pretend It Was Nothing

Hider is set to make a mark in 2018.. Not much is known about the London producer Hider releases new single 'Don't Pretend It Was Nothing', a hypnotic Indie-electro pop gem sounding like a sweetened amalgamation of Avicii and Foster The People. 

Dries Van Haute - Games

Showcasing a strong cinematic feel, Dris Van Haute's debut EP was released on January 15, led by the self-written single Games, which he produced with the help of Pierre Dozin. This emotional strain has been carefully translated into Zachée Ntambe Katinda (Zack Swagga) and Stéphanie Mathys' dynamic choreography in the visuals for the song directed by Frank Luckaz.

Larkins - Something Beautiful

The latest single 'Something Beautiful' from Larkins, is the first taste of that maturing process to be released, and bristles with a cocksure swagger that epitomises said maturity perfectly, produced by Chris Zane (Friendly Fires, Passion Pit), it eschews the button-bright indie-pop of previous releases (such as the fittingly titled 'Sugar Sweet'), in favour of something darker and more refined.

Bengal Lancers - Eclipse

Interested predominantly in the confusion and chaos that surrounds the break-down of a relationship, but still harbouring the glimmer of optimism that's so often clung to in such situations, Bengal Lancers' 'Eclipse' is a track that's both stark in its admission that something's wrong, yet hopeful in its yearning for everything to be okay again.

Sofia Härdig - Illuminate

Sofia Härdig's radiant new single, "Illuminate," is a fitting addition to the 80's-themed Drive soundtrack. Deep glowing synths and echoing vocals take the wheel on a late-night cruise. The track builds with subtle guitar rhythms that scream at times like screeching tyres. Tune in now.