is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Hi-Lo by Dwight & Nicole.

Dwight & Nicole is an American soul-rock band fronted by recording artists Dwight Ritcher and Nicole Nelson. Both singers have lived entire musical lives before forming this band together. They spent their early years recording and touring with solo projects all throughout New England, developing their individual sounds. Dwight, originally from our home state of New Jersey, met Nelson on the club scene when they were just out of school. Equally obsessed with traditional blues & soul, they discovered one another quickly - marveling at their near identical passions in music. They began to write and play together often for fun, sharing their love of Albert King, The Staples Singers, the Velvet Underground, and Lightnin' Hopkins. Something magical happened when they got together onstage. Without any premeditation or much planning, Dwight & Nicole, was born. They got into a groove over the next few years touring and self-releasing two critically acclaimed albums via crowd funding. Following a recent move from Brooklyn, NY to Burlington, VT, they have stretched out even further. The addition of powerhouse drummer Ezra Oklan to the band, has energized, and actualized their sound.

Dwight & Nicole's first album as a trio is 2018's EP Electric Lights, recorded live to analog tape at the renowned Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. Produced and engineered by multi-Grammy Award nominee Joel Hamilton, whos previous work includes The Black Keys and The Meters. With the stars now aligning, their new single, "Hi-Lo" showcases them in great form, ready to take their joyful mastery to the worlds stage. Ritcher’s homegrown blues guitar playing flaunts a raw character that is sorely missed in contemporary rock music. Nelson's soaring harmonies add a thick layer to the chorus lines creating a duet feel that begs you to sing along. The track is raw. It is honest, and lyrically, it speaks to our times.

The official music video for "Hi-Lo" offers a spot-on visual representation of the sonic makeup of the song. Dwight is shown entering the D&N practice space in Burlington, where he escapes the world to work on his lyrics. Outdoor footage of muddy roads by the railroad tracks near their home add to the working class sentiment felt in the soul of the track. Young director, Kayhl Cooper, filmed and edited the video with such precision, it feels like it was created along side the song from its conception. In-studio footage gives an inside look into the recording process, but possibly the most eye-catching moment is when Dwight whips out that cream colored 1967 Chrysler 300 to pick up the rest of the band for their session. They proceed to hit the studio, and cut the track as we know it.

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