Huntington Beach, California's grassroots reggae group, Dirty Heads are a success story with the the hard work to back it up. Their 2008 debut, Any Port In A Storm, took the band from loosely touring the west coast to landing #7 on Billboard's Top Alternative Albums. In 2010 the album was re-released with a deluxe edition featuring, "Lay Me Down" with Rome of Sublime With Rome, a song which clinched the #1 spot on Billboard's Alternative songs chart. After a decade of building the Dirty Heads empire from the ground up with a rigorous touring schedule along side the likes of O.A.R, 311 and Pepper just to name a few, the band released their 6th studio album, SWIM TEAM in October 2017.

The first single off SWIM TEAM, "Vacation", prepped fans for another raggae-pop smash, but the group shattered expectations with their new piano-driven ballad, "Celebrate" featuring lead singer of The Unlikely Candidates, Kyle Morris. A band already known for splitting lead vocal duties between Jared "Drity J" Watsonand Dustin "Buddy B Bushnell", The Dirty Heads have embraced the new territory with an impressively fluid vocal trio. While Watson and Bushnell lay out the quintessential DH hip hop/regge fusion verses, their guest takes control in the choruses, conveying the deep message of the song with style and grace.

"Celebrate"'s lyrical content is much more intimate than the band is known for. It tells the story of the band paying their dues with years of touring, often with no money, and how they've missed so many crucial family moments back home to fulfill their duties out on the road. A struggle that seems to pop up in every rocker's head-space, the band shines light on the dark side of being a star, while remaining eternally thankful for the life they've chosen.

The music video for "Celebrate", directed by Wayne Isham offers an emotionally charged masterpiece to respect the sentiment of the track. Isham opens the video with a film reel beginning to spin, draping the walls with old Polaroids and 8 mm photographs from the band members' childhoods. A deep nostalgia engulfs the mind of the viewer as the shots contrast from past to present. It is evident that with all the madness surrounding these artists, the bond they share with each other has kept them going without their families all this time. One day they'll come home to celebrate, but for now, The Dirty Heads continue to break new ground, selflessly leaving their mark on millions, even when they only have each other.