is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Proof of Desire' by Tango With Lions.

"The Light" documents a desire to emerge towards the light through nine stories-questionmarks of introspection. Stories of separation, pleasures, deconstruction that motivate either nihilism and sinking into darkness, either excessive optimism or the acceptance that darkness and light can steadily coexist in music. This natural coexistence is the thread that unites the songs of "The Light" musically and lyrically. Nine songs, different in style, reaffirm that the atmosphere in Tango With Lions' music is created through images that lure the music, with the lyrics being the key link.

Katerina says:
"When you are emotionally drained, being involved with someone new seems to conceal so many unconscious parameters of emotional endangerment that you eventually shut down. This song is about the cruel realisation that you don’t really know how much or if you can give yourself to a new love story. I was very consciously aware of the rules of this game and of how this knowledge was disabling any feelings of hope or freedom I would formerly experience. In other words, overwhelming skepticism was filling in for innocence"

The album began to take shape in 2015 and was completed in the summer of 2017. It was recorded at SCA studio with sound engineer and band member Thodoris Zefkilis, with additional recordings from AKRON studio, where it all began with sound engineer Vangelis Fampas. The mastering of the album was made in Pytzamax studio by Yannis Paxevanis.

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Tango With Lions
"The Light"

Format: LP, Cd, Digital
Release Date: January 19

01. Back To One
02. Proof Of Desire
03. Last Thrill
04. The Light
05. Phoenicia
06. Restless Man
07. What You've Become
08. The Go Betweens
09. L' Ombre