Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles and EP’s from some of the best upcoming artists in electro-pop, house and indie-rock.

YAS – Chasing The Dragon

Upcoming singer-songwriter [Y.A.S], based in London though originally from Scotland, creates music that she simply describes as ‘light vocals x heavy beats’. This has been made clear on the numerous collaborations she's taken part in, where heavy, booming production is juxtaposed with her light and unique vocal tones. ‘Chasing The Dragon’ puts Y.A.S’s songwriting to the forefront with her signature airy vocals, which compliment the booming beats and light synth work.

Bleach Baby – This Is For You

Bleach Baby’s breakout single, ‘This Is For You’, sees Bleach Baby staking their claim in the dance music world ahead of the release of their debut EP. Nostalgic, while forward thinking, “This Is For You” is one dance-floor filler that packs with energy.

DNTST x Dave Thomas Jr x Emma Sameth x – One Sided

California-based electronic music producer DNTST is quite the elusive character. Not much is known about him, not even his name.. which provides a certain freedom for his creation of music, whilst simultaneously carrying out his second year at dental school. 'One Sided' carries a stream of lax trap beats and a torrent of plentiful synth hooks, combining efforts from songwriters Dave Thomas Junior and Emma Sameth – the track is brought to another life of wonder and awe.

Secret Rendezvous – For Real Acoustic EP

September saw Amsterdam-based duo Secret Rendezvous release second album For Real, after a long-awaited six years since they burst onto the scene with debut album Paint the Town Red. Just over two months later, members Sietske Morsch and Remi Lauw have given the 90s influenced R&B sound of the album a unique twist – releasing six of its ten songs in a new acoustic driven EP.

Captain Kidd – Wild

Ohio based Captain Kidd follow their Autumn release ‘Stay’ with a groovy chilled track, ‘Wild’. A combination of chilled house and indie-pop, this track packs with wonderful colour and charm.