is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Shine a Light’ by ONEmpire.

Mumbai’s hottest act are back with their new single ‘Shine a Light’.

ONEmpire are a 5 piece band from Mumbai, India. Made up of a selection of seasoned musicians, with an amazing age range of 25 years old, to the coolest looking 66 years young bass player!

The band have just released their debut single titled Shine a Light and have their debut video premiere.

The release is part of the bands upcoming debut EP titled 'Humanity'.

‘Humanity’ is a concept EP aiming to connect and relate to people on a personal and emotional level all over the world through their songs irrespective of nationality, age, sexuality. 'Shine a light' the first single displays a distinctive melodic flair throughout with a poetic yet conversational style of musicianship, a song that carves out a uniquely elegant space in the bands musical landscape. The track looks set to become a major milestone in a career that has already seen the band achieve so much in their home-town.

Zairir, lead vocalist of ONEmpire says –

“In the creation of ‘Shine A Light’, we wanted to speak about being in a dark and empty space, being lost and lonely. The song also talks about heartbreak in a very broad sense, not just with regards to love or relationships. The ‘light’ however, represents positivity and reassurance; the message behind the song is to find the inner strength in you. Even if you're in a tough position, to go out and find that 'light' and as you move towards it, it gets bigger and brighter & then finally things start to turn around...”

The music video for ‘Shine a Light’ was shot at The Gateway School of Mumbai in India. This is a school for children with learning difficulties and disabilities. Just like the UK’s Nordoff Robbins

School, ONEmpire want to use their music as therapy in any way they can, to inspire the vulnerable and isolated people across India and hopefully one day, the world…

The idea of the video was to connect to the pupils through their performance. You can see how the children connect in the video, you can see the transition from being slightly apprehensive to slowly opening up to the performance. Zarir says, “We felt like they became part of the band and a part of our experience - we hope it was shining light in their day as it was for us!”

‘Shine a Light’ is available for download on the 8th of December.