Every week, Music News and Liberty Music look at the best new releases from emerging and self-releasing artists.

This week we have singles from some of the best upcoming artists in trip-hop, folk and indie-pop.

Marie Dahlstrøm – Where The Flowers Grow

‘Where the Flowers Grow’ is a track that bonds Marie and producer Moo Latte, a rich song about self-love that asserts Moo Latte’s appreciation for robust old-school hip-hop and Marie’s soulful, delicate vocal tones. This single is the last to release from Marie’s upcoming EP ‘Nine’, which is due to release Friday 27th October.

KEEPER – Pretty Baby

Keeper, a trio from Austin, Texas is made up of Yadira Brown, Erin Jantzen, and Kate Priestly, who create an electrifyingly unique brand of style and sound they succinctly summarise as ‘synth-soul’. New single, ‘Pretty Baby’ combines slinky dub-influenced rhythms and erratic breakbeats with the fluid expressive vocals provided by the three singers. The end result is an intense, almost dark and enthralling listen with a sonic palette reminiscent of 90s UK electronic music and trip hop.

Mark Stoermer – Filthy Apes And Lions

‘Filthy Apes and Lions’ is a departure from his last album ‘Dark Arts’, yet at the same time, a natural extension of it. Sinisterly building in tension, the single itself unravels like a story similarly to the accompanying video. Building on an instrumental backdrop of celestial analogue synthesizer arpeggios under a bed of melancholic keys and quirky, mirrored vocal melodies.

DENNY – Girls Like You

Fifteen months on from their last single, DENNY return with 'Girls Like You' – a track that may just be their best yet and go on to be their biggest hit. 'Girls Like You' is a song that reminisces on an unforgettable night, detailing the scenery, atmosphere and a stimulation of the five senses brought on by close interaction with an attractive woman.

Warsaw Radio – Whispers

Brighton based Warsaw Radio arrive with new single ‘Whispers’ – a track showcasing the group’s unique sound foregrounded by singer-songwriter and musician Brian McNamara’s baritone vocals and violinist Nikki Bates’ rich string performances. ‘Whispers’ is out Friday 27th October.