is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'Vows' by Flaunt.

Debut single from their forthcoming new album Spectra. It's an electro indie mix of guitars and quirky pop reminiscent of The 1975.

FLAUNT is the brain child of USA's Justin Jennings and Joseph Vitterito

Their new album SPECTRA to be their first on Nub Music/ADA (part of Warner Music Group)

“With their musical aesthetic being on the same wavelength as artists such as Bloc Party, The Killers, and even Spooky Black, Flaunt makes their music completely unique and addicting to the auditory sense.”
Music Clout

“Flaunt’s premise is to make music that is art, and that is what they do”
Lisa Hafey – Essentially Pop

From Colorado and Maine, FLAUNT are a mysterious band, formed as a result of social media.

Continuing on from the success of their two hit singles from the 2014 CODON album, FLAUNT have really explored new sounds and more lyrical based songs on the SPECTRA album. SPECTRA manages to blend both electronics and organics into an 13 track mammoth project complete with narrative videos for each song.

SPECTRA is an album full of single worthy songs across multiple genres; an eclectic yet harmonic soundtrack, and a lot of catchy hooks thanks to the vocal and guitar prowess of Justin Jennings.

The album was recorded as 2 sides like a traditional LP and the band wanted to make an ALBUM that people will want to listen to from start to finish and NOT become bored because everything sounds like the track before it.

It's already born comparisons to contemporary acts such as Twenty One Pilots, The 1975. Muse, The Black Keys, Danger Mouse’s side project Broken Bells, Clock Opera, and Athlete.

When asked about the album they state: "we wanted to make an album that was reminiscent to some extent of what radio used to sound like... Where a Zeppelin tune would be followed by a hit single by the Little River Band and then something by the Gap Band."