is proud to host the exclusive Blayre Mic video premiere of Love BPM.

Californian singer /songwriter and rapper Blayre Mic has announced details on her new single Love BPM and debut EP The Pledge. The single is released alongside an official remix courtesy of grime producer S-X and female MC Ms Banks, giving the single a distinct UK sound.

“When the idea was presented to me that Ms. Banks was open to taking a meeting with me to discuss putting down some bars on the remix to Love BPM and S-X would be handling the production, I was so excited! They both bring grime to another level. It was an amazing experience to combine my American West Coast esthetic, with their coolness. The three of us hit it off pretty instantly and the swag level was off the charts! I can't wait for people to hear the track” - Blayre Mic

With flowing peacock blue hair, pierced septum and gold, glittery talon nails, Blayre isn't your average pop star. Her unique aesthetic and state of mind is translated into her debut EP The Pledge. “As a black female, people have tried to write my story for me – that I’m some hood chick. That’s not my story. This is a pledge to be comfortable in your own skin and to be open about wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

Sonically a love affair between Outkast and Prince, the three-track EP sits alongside the likes of Shamir and Lizzo. “I want people to think this was unexpected and ballsy. A future pop that sees a mix of soulful riffs and quirky weird bump-in-your trunk type sounds.”

Blayre spent her childhood listening to old school classics like Tina Turner, Patti Labelle and Donnie Hathaway, with commercial pop music banned by her traditional parents. She turned to songwriting, with a determination to focus her life on music, and set her sights on Europe. “I always wanted to record music in the UK because it felt that Europe, in general, is a lot more welcoming and open, especially to weird quirky black artists like myself.”

It was in London that she met Alex Elliott (Ella Eyre, Troye Sivan) and her EP quickly took shape. Lead single Love B.P.M. is “a love song with balls…but it’s still a love song,” she laughs.

The brass section running through the track particularly resonated, having spent her formative years in the school marching band. Its visually arresting music video reflects Blayre’s fashion-forward sensibilities. “I’m a walking living breathing paper doll. I don’t stick to trends.” Such is the individuality of Blayre Mic. A name that’s worth getting used to.

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