Pink became hot and flustered when Johnny Depp showed up to surprise her during a live TV interview.

In the middle of an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (23May16), the host quizzed the singer about her celebrity crushes. And while she has been married to her husband Carey Hart since 2006, the 36-year-old star couldn't stop gushing about Johnny and Beetlejuice star Michael Keaton.

In an endearing moment part way through the interview, Johnny walked onto the stage to resounding cheers from the audience, and a shocked Pink.

The True Love singer, real name Alecia Moore, was immediately flustered by the Pirates of the Caribbean star's appearance and began to blush visibly. She also lost the ability to muster up any conversation beyond a few words.

"Go away. That was awful," she deadpanned. "That sucks. I hate you. I hate you."

"You just turned the colour of your hair," Jimmy quipped about her bright pink locks. "This is the worst day ever," she proclaimed, jokingly.

While Johnny gave Pink a warm hug, he also surprised Jimmy by walking over to him and planting a kiss right on the late night TV host's lips.

Pink revealed the surprise visit was actually her second encounter with Johnny, after Carey forced her to confront him when they spotted the actor during a shopping trip.

"I didn't want to meet him. My husband made me meet him, which was so dumb," she recalled. "I was hiding behind records in a record store and I was like, 'Don't do this. I don't want to meet him'."

Despite her misgivings, Pink faced him and tried to start a conversation by talking about the upcoming film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, which Johnny, 52, stars in.

However, Johnny mistook her conversation about Alice, the film, for Alice Cooper, the rock star.

"I don't think it went well," she smiled. "I don't feel like I nailed it."