Yesterday on Beats 1 Zane Lowe interviewed Skepta and premiered new songs from Twin Peaks and Lonely The Brave.

World First: Lonely The Brave ‘Rattlesnakes'

Zane talks to Skepta about his big year and whats been changing in the UK scene.
“I wanna do music to get off the streets.”

Skepta says how before only a few artists could be big in the grime scene but now everyone is starting to be able to come up .
“Everybody knows this is a sound its the UK sound, its a turn up sound, its a style, the style we speak its the way we move, everything about us.”

On his creative upbringing.
“You are always gonna be your parent’s children. We were brought up in an African way, in a strict way.”

Skepta says he’s never going to announce his album again because social media is too crazy.
“Waking up with that on your head doesn't allow you to make the best album that you can.”

Talks about working with Pharrell and other producers.
“In this music industry and in the game the difference with artists you get some people who really love music and some do this for money or fame. Pharrell loves music…I know that whatever financial sustain he's in it won’t change his music will always be sick.”
“When i was in the studio with, cause I love music as well, when i’m with him its like i’m working with someone that I’ve known all my life. And we’re both there to make the sickest track that we can. [The track with Pharrell] It’s on the album.”
“Pharrell’s blessed me - it’s sick to have him on there, his sound is so different.”
“Having Pharrell to bless my album with this sound we made maybe now when you hear my beats maybe you can see the freeness of his music thats what we’re doing as well.”

Skepta talks about grime not being respected.
“I knew I had an obligation to represent the country when I did this album. Not just like different MCs but sonically how it sounds I know what is on my back with this album. I’ve got every element from London that is needed to make this album what it is.”

Skepta talks about working with Drake, though he says he’s not in his new album.
“We’re supposed to be doing something with his album.”
“I’ve learnt in the past trying to rush fake music, trying to act like you two are friends or trying to over force it online just like eradicate all that stuff and just do greatness as friends.”

Skepta taks about the lack of diversity in the Brits.
“I didn't feel the need to raise my voice about it as well. But in my head like I kinda felt that happened that way because i wasn't supposed to say nothing, I shouldn't care about that.”
I can’t pay attention to somebody or something that don’t care about me. I don't understand what i want from the Britts. If they say to me your album’s been amazing like its really representing of Britain i would say thank you very much but if they're not gonna give me one or nominate me I'm not gonna complain about it.”
“I can only concentrate on what I'm doing. I've learnt all perceptions and stuff like that only exists if i allow it to exist in my mind - what is that. I just love music and i’m sure that every kid that listens to my music doesn’t care about all these other things either.”
“I’ll just make sure if you ever ask about a London rapper they have to tell you Skepta. I will keep going hard and doing greatness until the Britts can’t deny the greatness, they just have to say wow this is amazing we have to bring this is because were lookin like we don't know what’s going on.”