Yesterday Zane spoke with The Last Shadow Puppets and premiered the track, “Miracle Aligner.”

Miles and Alex spoke to Zane about their forthcoming album Everything You’ve Come to Expect due out this Friday.

The guys speak about recording at ‘Musical Heaven’ Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios.

Miles and Alex on when they knew what the album would ‘feel’ like.

Miles recounted: “We searched for a while when we were writing it, we thought do we need to make this something completely different to the first record. We were maybe looking for a new thing and maybe we looked too hard and then we realized it was the thing of me and Al working together and writing the songs that is the thing of it really.”

The Last Shadow Puppets comment on the track “Everything You’ve Come To Expect” on the first track on the album, Aviation.
Alex says “There’s a moment in the middle eight where we were harmonizing and at this point when we were writing it wasn’t even necessarily going to be a Shadow Puppets record - we were just writing and maybe it was going to be Miles’s next record. But there was something in the sound of the voices together and the melody and what was happening in the chords that seemed to elude to what the future could sound like for the next Shadow Puppets records.”

Zane compliments the band saying “They’re some of the most interesting songs ever written.”

The band shares details about the track, “Sweet Dreams, TN”.
“It’s about a young lady who’s from Tennessee. I was reaching something vocally that I hadn’t done before.”