Ellie Goulding was on Capital London Breakfast with Dave Berry this morning.

She talked about ‘A messy night out' with legendary party animal Geordie Shore's Scotty T, Geordie Shore’s Gaz not turning up to her show despite 'giving it all that’ and fights breaking out during her shows.

DB: Dave Berry
KS: Kat Shoob
EG: Ellie Goulding

On partying with Geordie Shore’s Scotty T after Gaz’s no show …
DB: What is it like to go out with Scotty T and Gaz from Geordie Shore? Is that the riot I imagine it would be?
EG: Well, Gaz gave it all that and was like I really want to come to the show and then didn’t come, but Scotty T is absolutely hilarious, such a legend. He's so much fun to go out with. We went out: him and a couple of his mates, a massive crew of us with my dancers and band, it was so much fun. He’s amazing and he’s so funny.
DB: Also what an amazing gift - you bring all your dancers along and give them to Scotty T, that’s asking for trouble isn’t it?
EG: I’m not going to lie, it was a messy night.

On fights breaking out at her gigs…
KS: Is there anything weird that’s happened at any of your gigs so far?
EG: […] The other night I had to break up a fight. I don’t know why people start fighting at my gigs, but it happens sometimes.
DB: You have been called the new Sex Pistols, so this makes perfect sense.
EG: Yes I know, it’s pure anarchy in my shows.
DB: How do you go about breaking up a fight when you’re on stage, in the middle of one of your brilliant shows?
EG: You just have to look at them, single them out and say please don’t fight. They then realise the entire arena is concentrating on them and they suddenly get very embarrassed.