Beth Ditto had ABBA and Paul Simon playing on repeat when she wrote her new album.

The American singer first found fame with band Gossip, and their hit Standing in the Way of Control became an instant classic.

Beth now releases music as a solo artist, and gets a lot of her inspiration when she’s in the British capital.

“I don’t live in New York or LA – I live in Portland, Oregon,” she told Britain’s Marie Claire magazine. “I love coming to London to write music, because the climate is similar to Portland, but the energy is different. While writing my latest record, I’ve been listening to a lot of ABBA and Paul Simon.”

It’s not just the weather and energy Beth likes across the pond; she’s also a big fan of the festivals put on in Britain. The 35-year-old has played legendary music shows like Glastonbury and America’s Coachella, but her favourite stage is one in Scotland.

“The best festival I have ever played was T in the Park in Scotland,” she smiled. “It’s very different performing at a festival to attending one, but I’ve done my fair share of dancing in the mud in wellies.”

Another British favourite of Beth’s is the TV series Broadchurch, starring Doctor Who star David Tennant and actress Olivia Colman.

When it comes to movies though, Beth thinks Americans do it best.

“I watch so much TV. The second series of Broadchurch was amazing,” she said.

“A lot of my favourite films are from the ‘90s. Sleepless in Seattle or thrillers like The Pelican Brief are just so good.”