Billboard spoke with Adele's manager, Power 100 (No. 39) honoree Jonathan Dickins about the 25 campaign, the impact of keeping the album off streaming services and what’s ahead as Adele prepares for her first arena tour.

On not assuming 25 would be successful:
It's disrespectful to presume that because 21 sold so many records, that you have got a divine right to sell that amount again. From my point of view, I think that a world-class artist deserves a world-class set up, and I'm delighted with how we re-integrated her music back into the public consciousness.

On the plan to rollout the album announcement:
Between Adele and myself we knew very early on exactly how we were going to roll out this record.... I wanted to flip that on its head and make it purely about the voice. It was very simple, but I was confident it would work.

The lesson to be learned from 25:
Just try as we have always tried to do -- for better or for worse, put the music first, not the business opportunity.

Goals for 2016:
With Adele, it's a successful tour.

On performing an arena tour:
So we had to step it up. Organically this is the right move and she'll absolutely kill it.