More than thirty years after they first collaborated together, Stevie Wonder still has nothing but praise for his friend and fellow superstar Lionel Richie.

During an appearance at the MusiCares Person of the Year ceremony on Saturday (13Feb16), which was held in honour of Lionel, the 65-year-old described the Easy singer as a great and inspiring man.

"As you know he's a great songwriter, a great musician and most of all a great human being," Stevie told Access Hollywood.

"The truth of the matter is that we are honouring a man who was part of the duo who wrote a song that changed the world," he said in reference to the world-wide bestseller We are the World.

Lionel wrote the track with Michael Jackson and performed it alongside Stevie and other musical stars in 1985.

"We all came together in the spirit of love and doing something to make a difference," he explained. "It literally woke the world up, through the idea and concept of giving back to our fellow man."

Stevie would like to see the current generation be more proactive in voicing their thoughts on social issues.

"I wish various people on radio, video, television, press, politicians and even on social media would use those forums to do something about changing the world and making it better. Not talking about it but being about it," he added.

Stevie also revealed some details about his first encounters with Lionel, who is now aged 66.

"I met Lionel Richie when I had ended my contract with Motown and the Commodores were performing at the Apollo theatre. I had the pleasure of meeting him then, and I think I maybe jammed with him or something like that," he said.

"I remember one of the most exciting moments in the beginning of really knowing them is when I heard Brick House."

Meanwhile, Lionel has shut down rumours that he would be performing with British singer Adele at the upcoming Grammy Awards.

"I promise you we won't be doing something at the Grammys because this is her day to shine and she should shine. But in the future there will be (a performance together)," he said.