Daisy Lowe has reportedly promised Peaches Geldof's sister Pixie that the late star's memory will live on.

Peaches died from an overdose in 2014, leaving behind her husband Thomas Cohen and their two young sons Astala and Phaedra. Thomas has seemingly found romance once again with model Daisy and while the pair seem loved up, she's apparently making sure not to take Peaches' place.

"They've been friends for years, but Daisy and Thomas are smitten with each other now," an insider told Britain's Closer magazine. "Daisy knows she needs to tread carefully, especially around the children, but she had a heart-to-heart with Pixie and has promised her to make sure Peaches' memory lives on."

Luckily Peaches' famous father Bob Geldof is said to have given the new couple his seal of approval, and even extended an invite for Daisy to attend all family events. It looks as though she's already bonded with Thomas' sons, as she's been spotted out with her new beau and cuddling up to one of the tots.

The pair are even trying to go out to Los Angeles and meet the fashion star's dad, Gavin Rossdale, the publication claims. While Daisy is no stranger to dating men in the limelight, previously romancing actor Matt Smith and DJ Mark Ronson, this time round is apparently different.

"They know the relationship is moving fast, but they're already talking about moving in together after the LA trip," the source added. "They don't see the point in hanging around."

Previous reports suggest the two stars have clicked because Daisy can relate to Thomas's situation, and that he has found someone to talk to in her.

"She's been able to understand certain things about what Tom and his boys have gone through because she grew up in a not dissimilar atmosphere. She's been there, seen it, been affected by it herself," a source told Britain's Grazia magazine.