Motorhead star Lemmy died from prostate cancer and congestive heart failure.

The rocker's death certificate has been obtained by and it confirms he lost his battle with an aggressive cancer on 28 December (15), days after Lemmy turned 70.

Reports suggest he was diagnosed with cancer on 26 December (15) after 18 months of ill health, which prompted him to miss gigs.

His medical issues and breathing problems forced Lemmy to scale back on his famous alcohol and tobacco habits.

In one of his last interviews before passing on, Lemmy told a German TV station addictive behaviour, although fun at times, is not all it's cracked up to be.

He urged young rockers not to follow his lifestyle example.

"I don’t really recommend the lifestyle because most people die of it," Lemmy said. "A lot of my friends are dead who shouldn’t be."

Lemmy's manager Todd Singerman previously revealed the music icon's illness shocked nearly all of his loved ones.

"That caught everyone by surprise," he told Sky News. "That (cancer) was the last thing we thought he would ever have. When you think about it he has been to every doctor and hospital around the world and nobody caught that... That comes as a massive shock."