Kendall Jenner's A-list friends are said to be wary about her reignited romance with Harry Styles.

The model was first linked to Harry in November 2013 and for months the pair seemed inseparable. After breaking up they remained friendly, and whispers have now started that their relationship is back on.

However the news allegedly hasn't gone down well with Kendall's friends Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne, who coincidentally also count Harry as an ex.

"Few are immune to Harry's charms and Kendall's friends Taylor and Cara have also dated him," an insider told Britain's Grazia magazine. "Taylor was quite burned by her own experience, and really supported Kendall in the aftermath of the break-up from Harry, telling her that she absolutely shouldn't blame herself, and that Harry just wasn't mature enough to have an adult relationship.

"Now that Kendall and Harry appear to be back on, she feels as if her advice has fallen on deaf ears. Cara's fling with Harry was less serious, and they've always remained friends, but she has also said that it's a bad idea for Kendall to go back there."

Kendall's family are thought to be taking the news well, with her older sister Khloé Kardashian telling the press she thinks the two make a hot couple. But Kendall's fellow catwalk star Gigi Hadid reportedly doesn't know how to take the news. Unlike Cara and Taylor, Gigi has never been linked to Harry, but she is dating his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik.

"Not only is that a bit awkward, because the boys aren't really on speaking terms, but behind closed doors Zayn has made no secret of the fact that he thinks Harry is a player," the source revealed. "The problem is, Harry's a charmer, and will have won Kendall round by telling her anything she wants to hear. In the moment, he probably believes what he's saying, and he'll have made Kendall feel like the only girl in the world. But nobody sees it lasting."