Paul Kilmister, the son of Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, gave a touching speech at his father’s funeral sharing anecdotes about the life of the man.

Paul said how Lemmy loved Abba and the Bee Gees. He also loved Monty Python Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. He loved the Bonza Dog Doodah Band’s Tadpoles album and new the words to ever song.

He said when the sessions for the new album Bad Magic started, Lemmy found it difficult but new the show must go on. “Bad Magic was a struggle but Lemmy revealed no sign of his frail health,” Paul said. “Born to lose, live to win. We someone has nothing to lose, their options are limited.”

Paul said Lemmy wasn’t a religious man and praying from a miracle was something he would view as delusion. But he was spiritual.

Lemmy was a total music fans. “He never tolerated anyone talking over music, especially his. Music wasn’t a background sound he would say,” Paul said.

“He has 100% real all of the time,” Paul said and told a story about his mother Patricia. “Before you were born your mum used to have the greatest pair of tits. I used to spend half an hour on each one,” Lemmy once said.

Lemmy had a sense of humour to the end. He checked into the hospital as Justin Case and he anted his pallbearers to be three giants on one side and three dwarfs on the other stumbling along to the sound of Laurel & Hardy.

RIP Lemmy Kilmister.