Bon Jovi returned to the studio where they made their first album ‘Runaway’ for their next album ‘This House Is Not For Sale’, due in March.

Bon Jovi recorded their first single ‘Runaway’ at Manhattan’s Power Station Studios, at the time owned by Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin Tony Bongiovi, who was the co-producer of the record.

For ‘This House Is Not For Sale’, the 14th Bon Jovi album, the members of Bon Jovi all gathered together in the studio to record as they had done on that first record. Recent albums had the members of Bon Jovi recording in different rooms and different times with the producer piecing the songs together like a musical jigsaw.

‘This House Is Not For Sale’ will be the first Bon Jovi album to not feature Richie Sambora. The last album ‘Burning Bridges’ in 2015 featured one song co-written with Sambora. The album was released as a contractual obligation record to sever ties with long-time label Mercury Records.