Bruce Springsteen says he wrote ‘Hungry Heart’ for The Ramones.

Springsteen appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show and told Fallon how he wrote the classic song in as much time it took to sing it.

“I saw the Ramones in Asbury Park,” Bruce said, “and we were talking for a while and I was like, ‘Man I’ve got to write the Ramones a song.’ So I went home and I sat at my table and I wrote it in about the time it took me to sing it. I brought it in and we went to make a demo for it or I played it for [Johnny Ramone], and he said, ‘Nah, you better keep that one.’ He was right about that. It did pretty well.”

‘Hungry Heart’ appeared in Springsteen’s 1980 double album ‘The River’. The song was his first top 5 hit.