Singer Miguel claims Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has what it takes to become a singing sensation.

The sportsman is best known for making his mark on the racetrack but he also harbours a passion to make music. While some might be dubious of his talents, he has the backing of Grammy-winner Miguel.

"He's absolutely talented," the star assured British magazine Heat, before adding he hasn't had the opportunity to work with Lewis yet. "I've not been in the studio with him yet - we haven't had a chance."

Lewis has previously compared his music to the style of Miguel and other R&B singers like Drake and The Weeknd. In a recent interview with CBS show 60 Minutes, he let a camera crew into his recording studio and shared snippets of his tracks J'Adore and Lookin' At You.

While some might think Lewis is simply making music on a whim, he assures people that isn't the case. “Music has been a huge passion of mine since I was really young,” he told CBS. “I started playing guitar when I was 13. In here (the studio), I can be me, I can be vulnerable. I can show a side of me that people don’t get to see.

“The plan was that it always started as a hobby but it’s got to a point now where it’s very serious… If I’m not training, getting ready for the race, I’m here."

Currently there are no plans for releasing tracks, but British rapper Tinie Tempah has already urged Lewis to do it sooner rather than later, calling his sound "interesting".

“I never thought I would have people following me. You know, fans," Lewis marvelled. "I want to share it with them, I want to see what they think. My work ethic is exactly the same here as it is on the racetrack. But it’s just here I can be me.”