Miguel is tired with people judging his music on his ethnicity.

The American star is often touted as an R&B artist, but that infuriates him. He insists his music has a lot more to it than just one genre and believes he is being unfairly stigmatised because of his race.

"It's like, I can create a rock album [like Wildheart] and everyone is so afraid to say it's rock 'n' roll. They'll say it's funky. They call it everything but rock 'n' roll. When in fact rock 'n' roll started with rhythm and blues. Rock 'n' roll was started by black people. My music isn't the grey area. It's my ethnicity that's the grey area. I don't know what makes people so afraid of it," he told Q magazine.

Calling his latest record an R&B offering is what's really offended the star. Apart from anything he's sure it wouldn't have had such reviews had it been recorded by another artist.

"There are elements on Wildheart which are R&B of course, but it's a disservice to the music to describe it as such. It's only because I'm an ethnic person. If Justin Timberlake had done Adorn, it would have gone straight to pop radio, me, I get [a Grammy for Best] R&B song," he said.

Miguel isn't solely about the music though, he also touched on other things during the interview. Among those were the things he gets up to in his spare time, not all of which should be recommended.

"I have my vices. My perspective has been about mind-altering substances with a purpose. I don't advocate that for anyone necessarily, but as humans we are curious. So, if you're going to do anything, do it with people you trust and you love. In safe places. Because you don't know what you're doing unless you're a chemist. Although I prefer organic drugs to chemicals," he said.