Rita Ora has been heavily influenced by punk rock since childhood.

Although the Radioactive singer is fast becoming a pop icon, she has never exclusively listened to this musical form alone.

As a youth she was most inspired by The Clash and The Sex Pistols, even though some fans may have never guessed this to be true.

“Growing up I never really listened to one specific genre,” she explained during an interview with Perez Hilton. “I was really involved actually surprisingly enough in my love for punk music and that really graduated to even the style references you know and kind of really focusing on a culture more than anything because for me music is a specific type of culture.”

Rita is due to release her sophomore studio album soon, with her duet with Chris Brown entitled Body on Me having reached shelves August 7.

This work is quite different from her debut LP Ora in that this time the songstress is calling the shots in terms of songwriting.

“This album is probably the most eclectic record I’ve done so far I think it really represents my music taste,” she explained. “For this album I entered the studio with a different attitude, I wasn’t worried about other people for once and I kind of walked in and I thought, ‘Yeah I want to do this record with people I want to do it with,’ and there’s only about five people that actually helped me on this record, it wasn’t like 57 people in different countries sending emails it was really kind of a personal process.

“It’s really influenced on my personal life and who I am as a 24-year-old Londoner and just all the experiences that I been through. The theme of this album I think it’s definitely sexual but it has a form of innocence to it. It’s like being the girl that might be judged for things that aren’t necessarily true because of something they’ve seen or whatever whatever, and then they forget the statistics of someone about how hard they actually work.”