Azealia Banks thinks it's only a matter of time before Donald Trump gets his "ass yanked".

The presidential candidate has been stirring things up by making comments about Mexicans entering America, claiming they are causing problems for the US.

Outspoken rapper Azealia has now taken a pop at the politician, warning him he is heading for trouble with his controversial remarks.

"Donald trump is mad about the immigrants but who the f**k hair does he think is up in that hair piece he needs ?!?!?!!!" she ranted on Twitter.

"And he seems especially mad about Mexico when people migrate from loads of places.... What's his real problem with Mexico ?

"He does know that a lot of the United States IS Mexico.... Right ?(sic)” she continued.

"Does he realize that there are more Mexicans than there are Donald Trumps in America and that ass will get yanked ?!?! LOL

"Trump gone be on the bench in the park eating his mcflurry and somebody gone put a bag over his head and throw him in a van. LOL (sic)"

Trump hasn't just upset with his remarks on immigration; he also offended supermodel Heidi Klum when he commented she is "no longer a ten". The stunning blonde hit back with an Instagram video making light of the situation earlier this week and now Azealia has turned the tables by commenting on Trump's appearance.

"Who told Donald trump he could have a guinea pig skin toupee ?" she queried, before adding: "Donald Trump got a hangnail for a penis (sic)"