Chris Young has spoken of his devastation at being "pulled into" Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's divorce.

The country music couple announced they were divorcing in July, bringing an end to their four-year marriage. There was immediate speculation about what caused the split, including rumours about a relationship between Chris and Miranda. There was no truth at all to them, with Chris quickly extinguishing them via Twitter. However, he remains upset that they spread in the first place.

"Man it sucks that I got put in this situation with two people who are my friends," he told ET. "It's just so weird getting pulled into something like that, where it just wasn't true."

Chris is also a country music star and he has known the former couple for some time. Aside from his upset about people gossiping about him and his pals, he is sad that Miranda and Blake aren't together anymore. He's been in touch with them though and says they are both coming to terms with things in their own ways.

"I have not seen them, [but] I've definitely texted and called both of them," he said. "They're both good since [the last] time I've heard from them. As good as you can be.

"I was in touch with Blake all day that day [when the rumours started]. He was like, 'Dude, sorry.' I was like, 'I know man.'"

Chris will continue to be friends with both Miranda and Blake and thinks time is going to be the best thing to help them both at the moment.

He also opened up about his views on relationships, insisting he'll never let his outlook be tarnished by things he goes through.

"I don't think anybody shies away from being in love," Chris shared. "I think that's one of the great feelings. I mean obviously I've written a lot of songs about being in love and lot of songs falling out of it. The falling out of it never makes you scared to get back in it."