When word came down last week that Boy George would be replacing Tom Jones on The Voice UK, there was no discussion on why the change was made; however, Jones has used social media to express his disappointment in how everything went down.

Jones has been part of the judging panel on the show for all of the show's four seasons so he feels that he should have been given more consideration, calling the BBC's actions "sub-standard behavior".

About The Voice UK: In good faith, as part of the team, I’d put the time in my schedule to be involved in Series 5, as I’ve done so for the last 4 years. I’ve supported the show and the BBC since the beginning. I was told yesterday, with no consultation or conversation of any kind, that I would not be returning. Having been through plenty of transformations throughout the years, I support and admire creative change. But being informed, as a matter of duty and respect, is an important part of creative relationships. This sub-standard behaviour from the executives is very disappointing. I will always admire the courage of the performers who participate in the show, as well as all the production staff who worked tirelessly to make a great family viewing experience for the audience at home. I wish the show well.

Over 45,000 comments have been written to the post, many complimentary of Jones' skills on the show including this rather backhanded compliment from a male fan of the show:

I have to confess to not being a huge fan, and you will be somewhat relieved to hear that I have never launched my undergarments at you during a concert! However I was hugely impressed by your interactions with contestants on the show, for a genuine star of your calibre and professional longevity ( as opposed to a flash in the pan, relatively untalented modern z list celebrity) your humility and compassion shown was A credit to you. Thank you for being a legend on the show, your non appearance will be hugely impactive. Respect sir.

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