Bryan Adams will release his 13th studio album, Get Up, in October.

Produced by Jeff Lynne of ELO and the Traveling Wilburys, Adams co-wrote the new songs with long-time collaborator Jim Vallance. It includes the fast and furious up-tempo tracks such as lead song Brand New Day, You Belong To Me and Thunderbolt, to the gentler songs such as Don’t Even Try and We Did It All, plus the alternative Adams-produced acoustic versions, highlighting Adams’ unique voice and depth.

Adams said of the album “It came together quite organically song by song, working with Jeff producing over the past couple of years whenever he had time. It was a great partnership as it gave me plenty of time to write the songs, most of which are a collaboration with Jim Vallance. We all worked primarily over the internet from Canada, Europe and LA, sending demos and parts of songs until we got it right.

“There is a carefree feeling about this album and in many ways it is the album I wish I’d been able to make 25 years ago.”

Lynne added “I’ve always been a big fan of Bryan so getting to work with him was a great pleasure. Bryan would send me a demo across the internet, then I would play most of the instruments to make a finished backing track and send it back to him in England. There he would put the lead vocal on to the song and send it back to me in California, 5,400 miles apart! And it’s turned out to be a rockin’ album!”

The track list

You Belong To Me
Go Down Rockin’
We Did It All
That’s Rock and Roll
Don’t Even Try
Do What Ya Gotta Do
Yesterday Was Just A Dream
Brand New Day
Don’t Even Try – Acoustic
We Did It All – Acoustic
You Belong To Me – Acoustic
Brand New Day – Acoustic

Scheduled dates:
09/18 – Bloomington, IL – Us Cellular Centre
09/19 – Fayetteville, AR – Rogers Amphitheater
09/20 – Memphis, TN – Snowden Amphitheater
09/21 – Springfield, MO – Events Centre
09/23 – Minneapolis, MN – Northrup Auditorium
09/24 – Bemdji, MN – Sanford Centre
09/25 – Sioux City, IA – Tyson Events Centre