Kylie Jenner apparently has ambitions to be more famous than her half-sister Kim Kardashian.

In recent months Kylie has been labelled Kim’s mini-me. She turns 18 next week, but her young years haven’t stopped her posting selfie after selfie wearing barely any clothes. Her surgically enhanced lips have also been likened to Kim’s full pout.

Now, as she embarks on a music career, she apparently has plans to make sure she and boyfriend Tyga are the hottest names in showbiz.

“Kylie has been in the studio for months working on her singing. She thinks she and Tyga can be the hot new showbiz couple and become even bigger than Kim and Kanye [West, Kim’s husband],” a source told British magazine Closer.

One person who allegedly isn’t on board with this idea is Kylie’s mother Kris. According to the insider, Kris would much rather see Kylie hook up with Jaden Smith – Will and Jada’s son.

“Kylie has been seeing Jaden for support and her mum Kris really wants her to reconsider the romance. She’d love her to marry into an acting dynasty and she thinks they’d make the perfect power couple,” the source said.

Kylie’s father Caitlyn, formerly known as Bruce, is also said to be keen to support her in any new ventures.

Caitlyn confirmed the news she was transitioning to become a woman in April, and since then has become an icon within the LGBT community – who she hopes will also get behind Kylie’s career.

“Caitlyn has a special friendship with Kylie. She’s vowed to help her take over the world if she likes and will make sure Kylie has the power of the LGBT community behind her – especially when it comes to her music.

“There’s a part of Caitlyn that always felt second best to Kris and Kim and she never wants Kylie to feel that way. She thinks it’s time to let Kylie have her moment now,” the insider divulged.