French Montana wants to be as big as Kanye West.

The Moroccan-born rapper is establishing himself as a major player in the music world and is counting down the days until his second record Mac & Cheese: The Album is released next month.

He's close to Rick Ross, Puff Daddy and Lil Wayne, and hopes to emulate friend Kanye's career.

"I gotta get as big as Kanye!" he declared to Details magazine.

"Ain't no point if you can't have no fun. Wake up looking fly! Wake up happy! Wake up driving a new car! Wake up with a new house! Wake up with a fly chick! I want to motivate you to be a better person. Be hungry! Get what you want!"

Like Kanye, French has been involved with one of the Kardashians; he's enjoyed an on-off romance with Khloé.

However he's adamant the family connection hasn't affected his working relationship with Yeezus.

"Kanye had tried to sign me. It just so happened that then there was the Khloé thing," he outlined.

"Let me tell you something: real men don't listen to rumours."

Again taking heed from some his peers, French is involved with a lot more than just producing songs.

He has his own reality TV show in the pipeline, along with a "shoot-'em-up bang-bang" movie. The 30-year-old would also like to pen a streetwise self-help book for young immigrant kids in America.

"I just want to make music. But music cannot take you to where Puff is. It can't take you where Jay Z is, where Master P is. Music is a platform to become a mogul," he stated.