Cody Simpson has addressed rumours of a duet album with Justin Bieber.

The 18-year-old Australian pop star and the 21-year-old Canadian heartthrob caused fans to swoon after they put on a surprise impromptu performance together at Italian restaurant The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California on June 1.

Their joint mini-concert went viral, leading listeners to believe they are working on a joint album. But Cody claims a duet record with Justin won’t reach shelves for a few years at least.

“We worked on a bunch of other songs, but then we decided to put them away, because we both had different directions we wanted to go in,” Cody told MTV News. “Not because we didn’t want to be friends — I just wanted to truck as much as I can down this way and he wanted to reestablish himself in this world over here, so we didn’t want to release something where people are like, ’Oh, these two kids are just the same.'”

Cody claims he and Justin “meshed quite peacefully” in the recording studio.

And although the pair cut “more than enough” tracks for a full album, they want to grow as artists individually before debuting their collaborations.

“Once I establish myself down this path and he’s down this path, it’s much more interesting… when you see two artists that are so different come together,” Cody said.

Cody split from supermodel Gigi Hadid in May after dating on-and-off for about two years.

He has no hard feelings towards his ex and contrary to rumours, Cody is not dating Selena Gomez.

“We talk every now and then, but people grow in different ways and separate, you know? We’ll never have any animosity between us, as it should be, and I want to be supportive of her. We’re just on different paths right now,” the Aussie told Yahoo! Style, noting speculating he has sparked a relationship with Selena is complete rubbish. “I’m not dating anyone. I haven’t moved onto another celebrity girlfriend.”