Miranda Hart was blown away by 50 Cent’s “extraordinary” personality.

The 42-year-old actress plays character Nancy in new comedy Spy.

50 Cent makes a cameo appearance in the feature and Miranda absolutely loved working with the Candy Shop rapper.

"It was extraordinary. You don't think some middle-class girl from England will ever meet 50 Cent," she told People magazine. "But wow, he was completely charming, and funny, and very kind and warm."

Miranda’s onscreen persona in Spy nearly suffocated 50 Cent in one scene with a strong bear hug.

But Miranda claims the musician was willing to do anything on set.

"He was really just game for everything, which was lucky because the first scene I had was to tackle him to the ground," she recalled. "He was great. He was fun."

Miranda’s character Nancy is the best friend of Susan Cooper, an espionage agent portrayed by comedic actress Melissa McCarthy.

And Melissa has also gushed about what it was like to work with her co-stars on set.

She found it particularly difficult to keep a straight face when she and castmate Jason Statham were shooting scenes together.

"I broke [character] a lot with him," Melissa told Jess Cagle, the editorial director for People and Entertainment Weekly magazines. "Especially when he would get really close to my face and he'd get so intense.

"I'm pretty good about not breaking because I know once I start I get really giggly and then I feel like the crew is like, 'Are you laughing at your own bits?' "

Spy reached American theatres on Friday June 5.