McBusted have unveiled a smart and sleek new look for style magazine Fault.

Matt Willis from the band spoke to Fault Magasine about their One Direction tour and being a pop star, check out his quotes below.

On Touring with One Direction he said: "We had such a good time in Australia with them. We did Europe with them and then we did Australia with them for a month and it was just the coolest fucking time. Their show and their stage is awesome, and their crowd seemed to enjoy what we did which was great for us because in a lot of these countries no one knows who we are. No one knows who Busted is, no one knows who McFly is. So they just think we’re some British band with a ridiculous name who are 10 years older than One Direction."

Did you think your pop star days were behind you?

"Yeah, totally. Me and James talked about going on tour again but we didn’t really see any avenues to do it. It just didn’t seem possible because Charlie (Simpson) wasn’t interested. I felt like we were stepping back already because we were already starting with less of a band than we were. I think if you’re coming back, you’ve gotta come back with something strong and something positive. Then this came along and I thought 'well this will be fun!’ and it just seemed like an obvious thing to do to go on tour with our mates and play some songs."

McBusted’s Most Excellent Adventure Tour - Live At The O2 available on Blu-ray and DVD from 22 June.