Suge Knight is being sued for wrongful death.

The 50-year-old record producer is currently in prison awaiting trial for murder, following an incident in January. It is alleged that Suge ran over Heavyweight Records founder Terry Carter in a car park in Compton, California, following an argument and then fled the scene. He has claimed it was self-defence, and another man was also hurt in the incident. Suge is currently in prison awaiting his trial, which has been set for July 7.

Now Terry’s widow Lillian has filed a wrongful death claim against Suge, with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan, Universal Pictures and others also named. Lillian is alleging that the January incident was preventable, with the other parties mentioned because they are involved with the upcoming movie Straight Outta Compton, which was shooting a promo on the day the alleged altercation took place.

In the suit it is claimed that because those involved with the film wanted it to seem believable, an atmosphere of danger was encouraged. It’s alleged that shooting for Straight Outta Compton was slated in areas which weren’t safe, gang members were used as extras and there weren’t any armed guards to protect people on set.

“This lawsuit concerns the tragic tale of how reckless corporate greed, disguised for the quest for authenticity, lead to a foreseeable altercation that resulted in the death of a successful businessman named Terry Carter, and left his wife of 28 years and his two daughters asking why his death ever had to occur,” the suit reads.

It is also alleged that Suge was cross about how he was going to be portrayed in the movie, which is about the rise of rap group N.W.A. Suge and some members of the collective reportedly have issues, leading him to believe he wouldn’t get fair representation on screen. It is suggested that the music mogul went to the shoot to talk about this but was asked to leave by Cle ‘Bone’ Sloan, who was involved in production.

According to the paperwork it was after this that Terry offered to meet with Suge in the car park, as he was attempting to diffuse the situation. Allegedly Cle also went to the meeting, and things reportedly escalated.

It’s known that damages are being sought, but the amount hasn’t been revealed.