Wiz Khalifa is amazed by how polite his two-year-old son Sebastian is.

The 27-year-old We Dem Boyz rapper shares the toddler with estranged wife Amber Rose, who he separated from last year.

Wiz is impressed by how rapidly his only child learns things and the musician claims he was taught “pretty much everything” about parenting from his own mother Peachie Wimbush.

“All the simple stuff, you know, like using his manners and getting potty-trained,” he told People magazine of his mom’s influence on Sebastian. “He’s a good boy, though. He uses big words and explains everything!”

Wiz sees a lot of himself in his little boy.

And now that he’s a parent, the star has so much more respect for his mother.

“When stuff happens, I’m like, ‘Oh man, this was definitely me,’ ” he noted. “This is what my mom was going through.”

Wiz is covered with tattoos from head to toe.

But in a shocking confession, the hip hop star made it clear he would be dismayed if Sebastian ever followed in his style footsteps.

“I look at him and how handsome he is, and I would just die if he got tattoos like me,” Wiz admitted with a laugh. “Please do not — just listen to me — do not touch your skin!”

Although Wiz is now a superstar who is constantly traveling the world, the hitmaker claims he and mother Peachie visit with each other “more now than we have in 10 years”.

And his mom, a former surgical nurse, couldn’t be happier about hanging out with him often.

“Every time I think I’m going to burst from being proud, he makes me prouder. We crack up, we laugh, we watch movies. We’re close!” Peachie shared.