Ed Sheeran felt like a true rock star while on stage with Beyoncé Knowles.

The 24-year-old musician may have millions of fans around the globe, but he still gets nervous when performing.

But it was another story when he stood next to the singing sensation in February as part of the Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life - An All-Star Grammy Salute concert.

"Playing with Beyoncé. That’s the only point I’ve felt like a rock star," Ed gushed to Entertainment Weekly. "In my own shows, I’m still quite an awkward British dude with an acoustic guitar. But when you’re on stage with Stevie Wonder’s band, Gary Clark Jr. and Beyoncé and then they give you an electric guitar to play... that’s when you can feel a bit rock-y."

He spends a lot of time jetting around the world to promote his music but he'll always call England home and isn't planning a move to the US, as he can't justify buying a house out there when he's barely at his property in the UK.

For the music video to his track Sing, produced by and featuring Pharrell Williams, a puppet version of Ed leads a life of luxury and indulgence. However his reality couldn't be further from the video, as he insists he only splashes out when the occasion calls for it.

"In a limo with models? No. The last limo I was in was with my team, and they booked a bright pink one. I remember seeing it and being like, 'I’m not turning up to a radio station in a limo, let alone a pink one, so let’s just get a taxi,'” he recalled. "I think you can easily live the rock star stereotype, but it’s a once-in-a-while thing. If you do it all the time it loses its value and loses its excitement. So we’ll have a blowout once every three months and we’ll do it properly rather than have a blowout every night."