Charli XCX doesn’t “feel cheated” by having her songs on music streaming services.

In recent weeks, a debate has raged on in the music industry over services such as Spotify and Jay Z’s new product, Tidal.

Taylor Swift removed all her music from Spotify late last year, while artists including Marcus Mumford have slammed such systems. But for the Boom Clap singer, she doesn’t have a problem with being part of a streaming brand.

“I think that that whole debate [about whether music services are cheating artists] has different answers depending on what kind of artist you are and what kind of level you are at, I suppose,” she told MTV News. “For me, I just want people to hear my music. For it to be able to be spread worldwide… I’m all for that. People ask me about this whole thing all the time — ’Do you feel like you’re being cheated?’ I don’t know enough to answer that question. I don’t feel cheated or anything like that.”

The 22-year-old came out in support of MixRadio on Tuesday, which is a streaming app that was just made available on iOS and Android. During a chat about it in New York, Charli elaborated on how she thinks it’s a great tool for upcoming artists.

“I think it’s great that streaming services can provide support for new artists,” she said. “Even like five or six years ago it was really a lot of blogs and stuff like that, and now I feel like it can be things like MixRadio and streaming services that can really help the profile of new artists.”