Rihanna can't handle anything scarier than cartoons before bed.

The singer - who has just released her new single B***h Better Have My Money - is turning her hand to movies by voicing the character of Tip in loveable kids' film Home.

While the 27-year-old might come across as edgy on stage and in her song lyrics, she insists she's quite a softie at heart.

"Late at night I can only handle cartoons because I don't want to get scared!" she laughed to the German TV Movie magazine.

"Otherwise I won't be able to sleep."

In general, Rihanna's life is far less glamorous than people might think. Even hitting the road for a tour comes with its downsides.

"My life at home is completely boring," she confessed. "I pretty much lie on the couch, watching documentaries and reality TV.

"Sometimes I'll go off on tour for a year and of course that can be pretty lonely."

If rumours are to be believed, Hollywood heartthrob Leonard DiCaprio could be alleviating the star's loneliness. However, she's adamant that's all just gossip.

"You shouldn't believe everything you hear!" she laughed. "No, we are not in a relationship."

Home also stars The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as well-meaning alien Oh and Jennifer Lopez as Tip's mother. Both Rihanna and Jennifer have teased they'd be up for appearing in Jim's popular comedy show if they were offered a guest role.

When the actor suggested to E! News he'd love to have the girls on board, Rihanna replied: "Hell, yeah! He told you that? Tell him I'm in."