Van McCann from Catfish and the Bottlemen caught up with at SXSW in Texas just before headlining Latitude at The British Embassy to talk about their US dates.

Asked about how the dates we're going Van replied, "apart from the voice dying I'm dead excited" on the best US dates so far he commented, "it's hard as New York and LA are the biggest ones, really beautiful places and wild and I guess as they are major territories... what's the word, we're still startstruck by it. But to be honest I love Portland, we played in Detriot, a place called Shelter where Eminem started which was pretty cool. It's been great, everything has."

Asked about the crowd reaction he said, "our soundman is from South London and he struggles to understand me, so I'm like America is never gonna get it, then we came out and straight away its like... I think its because they see how young we are and we're ober here already. In Liverpool you have to play four or five gigs before people say you're good you know what I mean. Like your good enough, you have to chip away at it. But because we've got over here the're like, these guys are doing something right.

On the best thing about America he replied "TGI Friday's strawberry milkshake."

Catch them on their current UK tour now!

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