Beyoncé keeps pictures of Kim Kardashian on her wall.

The pair were recently pictured together at New York Fashion Week, after years of reported feuding.

And Kim’s husband Kanye West has now opened up about his wife’s friendship with the Drunk in Love singer – insisting they have great mutual respect for one another.

“They love each other,” Kanye said during an interview on Power 105.1 radio station. “They respect each other. When Beyonce's working on an album, she has like pictures of Kim on the wall, because Kim represents powerful women.

"Kim be playing 7/11, playing that video, playing it for our daughter. They definitely respect each other."

No topic was off limits during Kanye’s tell-all impromptu interview. The 37-year-old also spoke about his former relationship with model Amber Rose.

Amber has been embroiled in a Twitter war with the Kardashian clan since accusing Kylie Jenner’s rumoured boyfriend Tyga of dating a “baby”.

And the controversy has only served to fuel Kanye’s dislike of his former love.

“If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose," Kanye said. "It's very hard for a woman to wanna be with someone that's with Amber Rose. I had to take thirty showers before I got with Kim."

Kanye also appeared to confirm the relationship between Kylie, 17, and 25-year-old Tyga, saying: “I think he got in early, I think he was smart. They are closer in age than a lot of relationships that I know. I knew Tyga was smart.”

Kanye also spoke about the recent controversy at the Grammy Awards, where he went on stage as Beck was about to accept the Album of the Year award.

Talking about his dinner with Taylor Swift earlier this week, Kanye admitted that the record was actually played in the eatery.

“The other day I went to dinner and sat down with Taylor Swift, and ironically they were playing the Beck album," he said.

"Maybe they did it on purpose so I could finally hear it. But I was like 'man, this is kinda good.' I ain’t even gonna lie."