Nick Jonas gives his family a "heads up" when he has a sex scene on TV.

The 22-year-old star has reinvented himself over the past year. While he still makes music, he's now also an actor, appearing in TV show Kingdom, about a family with a mixed martial arts gym. The series is raunchy and Nick still hates the thought of his parents or brothers Kevin and Joe seeing him in saucy shots.

"It's kind of bizarre. Definitely a strange thing. I feel, though, you have to approach it with the mentality that it's just a job. And that's what I did," he said of the sex scenes, before being asked if he's watched any with his family by British magazine Heat.

"Not with my parents or brothers! I did give them a warning when those episodes featuring that sort of thing would be airing, so that they could be 'aware'. I say, 'Hey, just a heads up - there's "a scene".' And, yeah, they usually get the picture."

Nick is ripped in the show and he also completed a series of raunchy photoshoots last year. They earned him many female fans, but he doesn't think about the effect he has on women.

"Well, here's what I think... any time someone acknowledges or says out loud that they think they're sexy, it's immediately unsexy. So I might take the humble approach and say, 'Look, you know, I'm just being me. If you think I'm sexy, that's great, but it's just me,'" he said.

When he was growing up, Nick was in The Jonas Brothers with Kevin and Joe. They were known for being good role models, but they did have a dark side.

"I was pretty well-behaved; I think I was at least. I guess the biggest thing was in London," he recalled. "Joe and I were horsing around in a hotel room and we decided we were going to try and do some gymnastics and we broke the floorboards. We just covered it up with carpet and didn't tell anybody."