Lenny Kravitz urges people to seize the moment, as there isn’t always a second chance.

The 50-year-old’s rhythm and romantic lyrics have garnered him female fans around the globe. Revealing the biggest lesson he has learnt from a past relationship, Lenny admitted time is of the essence when it comes to love.

“There have been times I’ve met the right person at the wrong time,” he explained to Women’s Health magazine. “It may not be the right time, but you have to make it happen. You don’t always get a second chance.”

He also believes in the notion that ‘opposites attract’, adding that people can learn from one another in these cases.

And Lenny isn’t shy about letting people know when he’s in love.

“It’s beautiful,” he smiled on the topic of public displays of affection. “That’s how a couple needs to be. Absolutely.”

He even has romance on the mind when in the kitchen, with his favourite dish a “really sexy pasta”.

Despite having love on the mind, Lenny is currently believed to be single. He was previously wed to actress Lisa Bonet, with whom he has daughter Zoë, and he’s also dated star Vanessa Paradis and model Adriana Lima.

Speaking about how he thinks a woman should be, Lenny shared his outlook on attractiveness.

“Stay natural. Ageing gracefully is beautiful – it’s so much sexier than changing yourself with plastic surgery,” he noted. “I’m down with natural vibes.”