Sam Smith is a sad kind of guy.

The British singer shot to fame with his debut album In the Lonely Hour, which is full of heartbreak tracks and songs about unrequited love.

Now he's a big star his love life will no doubt improve, but Sam tells fans not to worry as there is always something he can be miserable about.

"I'm playing Madison Square Garden in January, which is insane. I'm writing songs all the time. Because In the Lonely Hour has been so successful people have said I won't be able to capture the same mood again. But I can always find a way to be sad. It's the kind of guy I am," Sam smiled to Q magazine.

Sam has had a mammoth 2014, which has seen him top the charts worldwide and scoop countless awards. Q recently named him Best New Artist, an accolade the 22-year-old is ecstatic about.

"It's amazing. I was here last year with Disclosure and no one knew who I was. Since then, my life has changed completely. I'm hoping it stays on this kind of level. If it gets any bigger I'll freak out," he admitted.

When quizzed on who he'd like to give an award to, the singing star had no hesitation naming a fellow Brit.

"George Michael. I love his so much. I saw him when I was 15 at Wembley Stadium and it changed my life. I'd love to meet him, give him a hug, and say thank you," he gushed.