Darlene Love has sung for Christmas classic ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ for David Letterman for the last time.

It’s a late night holiday tradition. Every year since 1986, except for one, Darlene Love has appeared on the David Letterman Show in the week before Christmas to sing her classic Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

Sadly, that tradition has come to an end with the impending retirement of Letterman this coming spring so, on Friday night, Dave had her back for the 28th and final time.

The only year that Love missed over the nearly three decades was in 2007 during the Writer’s Guild strike when Letterman didn’t air any new shows.

The folks at The Late Show have also put together a supercut of many of Love’s appearances over the years.

Darlene Love sings Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) for the last time for Letterman

Watch 28 Years of Darlene Love with Letterman

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