Carrie Underwood finds most of her collaborations with other artists have been “unexpected”.

The 31-year-old I Told You So singer has worked with esteemed country music colleagues like Willie Nelson and Miranda Lambert.

But she finds that teaming up with musicians outside of her genre is absolutely thrilling.

"I also got to do some stuff that was kind of unexpected,” she noted to Billboard magazine. “I got to sing with Steven Tyler, Tony Bennett. I got to be part of Stand Up To Cancer with Beyoncé and Rihanna. Things like that are really really special, kind of random, and really amazing."

Carrie has won two Grammy Awards for her work.

And the songstress is happy country music is back on the map.

"It's cool to see the appreciation that artists outside of country music have for country music," she said. "They'll always sit down with me and they'll talk and they'll tell me their favourite people… I feel so honoured to sing with them, and they feel so honoured to be in the country music world as well."

Carrie recently spoke of her desire to collaborate with British boyband One Direction.

She is happy to pen some songs with the heartthrobs should they venture into country territory one day.

“If One Direction ever want to go country, I'm here,” Carrie told MailOnline. “You never know, it could happen!”

Carrie is currently pregnant with her and hockey player husband Mike Fisher’s first child. The baby is due next spring.